Saturday, February 28, 2009

Party Day

Trying to get caught up. We had a Tri-Birthday party today for Little E, Beloved, and Sweet E. Makes it easier to do it all at once. Will post more soon.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Happy Birthday Beloved!

We just wanted to wish you a very happy birthday! We are so blessed to have you as our Papa. Can't wait until you get home. Love, Mama and the Snowflakes

Monday, February 16, 2009

Museum and Trains

When we found out on Wednesday that Beloved got a new job we decided Friday was the day to have a "Family Day." The children had been asking to go to the Creation Museum for a while now. So we were able to borrow passes from some friends and we left very early Friday morning for the Museum south of Cincinnati. It was not busy at all and since this was the 3rd time for the older two we let them do things at their pace. Fair warning...this post will be image heavy, but there is a lot I won't post (our camera is on it's last leg). Anyway, Little E hasn't been there in a year so there was a lot of "Oooooooohs" from him. :-)

Big T thought this guy in the bookstore was pretty cool.

Little E wasn't so sure about one of the dinosaurs. He didn't get scared, but....he was very cautious.

He definitely wasn't sure about this dinosaur and neither was Sweet E.

This one was more their "speed." The older two didn't mind posing for the camera with this one.
Since they were done with the museum so quickly we decided to take them to a new place we learned about. It is called EnterTrainment Junction. I think it is less than a year old and it is located North of Cincinnati on 75. Anyway, the building is about 9,000 square feet and almost all of it is of trains! Little E loves trains right now and the older two enjoy them so we thought it was appropriate. They even have a play area for children part way through the walkthrough.

Here are some pics from the play/learning area. Little E shoveling coal. :-)

A lot of hands on things for the children.

Little E spent almost his whole time at this table playing with the trains.

The older two spent their time at the play area on the back left. They loved the slide and climbing wall.

And the train displays are amazing. They should trains through the different eras and everything is built by volunteers I believe.

There were many trains that ran over bridges that were about 9 feet in the air. It was the most impressive display I have ever seen and the children loved it. I am hoping to take the children again with my Dad sometime since he enjoys trains a lot as well.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

EMPLOYMENT!!!!!! :-)

Hubby just accepted a job offer today with a really good company. I praise the Lord for his goodness and mercy. Beloved got to be at home with the family for a month, but it is time for him to get back to work. Mainly so my daughter might stop being so emotional. LOL :-)

Monday, February 09, 2009

Pilgrim Pathway School of Discovery Update

school blog has been updated.

The Birthday Boy!

It is so hard to believe he turned two. It is absolutely amazing how fast children grow up. His day started out by enjoying yummy M & M pancakes on the special birthday plate. :-)

My Dad was able to make it up for a visit on Saturday. So the children had a lot of fun playing with Papaw. We had homemade pizza, salad, and fruit punch for lunch before enjoying Little E's yummy rice crispie cakes. :-)

I was just going to make an airplane cake, but he enjoys trains a lot I decided to do both. :-)

Then it was time to open presents from Grandma and Papaw. He got some clothing and a book. He had Papaw read the book to him right then and there. LOL :-)

After all the presents were open it was time to play and even Papaw got in on the action.

Little E had such an exciting day that he decided it was time to take a rest. :-D

Little are such a blessing to our family. I am privileged to be your Mama. May God bless you as you grow up and may you be a mighty man of God.

Saturday, February 07, 2009

Little E is 2!

Happy 2nd Birthday Little E! We love you so much. :-)