Binder for the Keeper at Home

I know I posted about my binder a long time ago. I finally got around to taking pictures...even though I am not really using it too much right now....with trying to find a place to move and everything. Here is the front of my binder. I realize the pics are blurry, but just bear with me....The camera was free and I am not complaining about it.

When you open my binder this is what you will see.
In this pocket I keep pencils, pens, index cards, scratch paper, and scissors. Then I have my dividers (which I need to add tabs to.) My first section is my schedule. I actually have everything scheduled out for the day...the time, the activity...everything. I have done this because it keeps me more on track. At this point if I just make a list of what needs to be done I tend to get off track and then I don't get done what I should. Plus when we get to move I will have to totally redo this (almost) so it fits my cleaning routine and everything for the new home. I forgot before my dividers I have this little saying. It is a great reminder for me. ;)

The next divider is my cleaning section. In here I have a paper that lists every room and what needs to be cleaned in each room. This way if Hubby helps or someone else comes to help they can just look at the list and they don't have to ask what needs to be done. I also have my "recipes" for my homemade wipes, and cleaners...which is mainly vinegar and water. ;)


Unknown said…
Your binder looks great. I have just recently, like this week, downsized mine. LOL I hope it works better for me and I won't miss the big one much. :)

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