Friday, August 27, 2010

Dryel Starter Kit

I just did a post about the Stain Pen and 3-in-1 Fabric Spray. Now I get to tell you about the Dryel Starter Kit.

The kit contains 2 ultra-concentrated cleaning cloths that will care for 2 dryer loads (up to four garments in each load for a total of 8 garments). Dryel® is also available in economical six-load refill packs in Clean Breeze Scent to care for up to 24 garments. Each kit includes:

  • Instant Stain Remover Pen
  • 2X ULTRA Concentrated Refill Cloths
  • Re-usable Fabric Protection Bag
  • An instructional pamphlet including coupons
This is the Dryel product that I fell in love with years ago. At least I thought it was! The new Dryel works on any type of clothing. Dry clean only, sweaters, jeans, skirts, shirts, etc. All you have to do is throw (I think) 1-4 items in the bag, add a dryel sheet, and put in the dryer for 15-30 minutes (depending on the clothes). It's great for my denim skirt that isn't really dirty enough to be washed, but needs to be freshened up.

Right now Wal-Mart has a free offer via rebate for the Dryel Starter Kit. You purchase the starter kit from Wal-Mart by August 31st and go to their webpage to fill out the rebate form. How cool is that? You can try Dryel for free! Just make sure you purchase by the end of August and fill out your form by September 30th.

This is a MamaBuzz review. Dryel provided me with the products free of charge for my honest opinion. Thanks Dryel!

Dryel Stain Pen and 3-in-1 Spray

Once again I have had an opportunity to do a review for MamaBuzz and this time it is for Dryel Products. When the dryer kit first came out I remember my Mom using it a lot. Then of course I used it frequently when I was in college for some of my dress clothes. First up for this review is the Stain Remover Pen.

I hadn't heard of this particular product before so I was very interested. I should add that the reason why I am so interested in the Dryel products is because my husband is required to wear a suit to work. He only has one suit coat and a couple pairs of we don't get these items to the dry cleaners very often. The Dryel products have helped us keep the dry clean clothes clean in between taking them to the dry cleaner. From the Dryel website:
Dryel On The Go™ helps remove fresh stains, and it’s EVEN safe on dry clean
only clothes, delicates and hand-washables such as wools, silks, rayons,
linens, cottons and other special care fabrics.

This pen is a great thing to send along with Hubby to work. If he would get a stain on his clothing at work and then 8 hours later I try to get it all know that won't turn out very well. This pen is small enough to carry around if needed and can be used as soon as your clothing is stained. Great thing to keep in a desk drawer, car, purse, etc.

Then we have the Dryel 3-in-1 spray.
Dryel 3-IN-1 Touch Up Spray™ is specially formulated to safely care for your everyday and dry clean clothes. Use to extend the time between cleanings!
  • Spray a light mist evenly on fabric.
  • Use more spray in heavily wrinkled, smelly or clingy areas.
  • Use hands to press and smooth away wrinkles.
  • Air dry or dry in the dryer.

This handy little spray is a life safer for me (so to speak). Something that can extend the times between cleanings? It helps get wrinkles out? Well, of course I am going to use it. :-) There are many mornings where I may not get up on time to iron a shirt or a pair of pants for Beloved. He can spray this on the clothes, throw them in the dryer, and be off to work in no time! Who wouldn't love this?!

So why not give it a try. Dryel is not just for dry clean fabrics/clothing anymore!

This MamaBuzz review was made possible by Dryel. Thank you to Dryel for providing the product for review. I was not required to write a positive review, nor was I compensated for this review.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Birthdays and Soccer

At least I am not a month behind on posting pictures....right? :-) Big T's birthday happened to be the same day as the Easterday Reunion up at my BIL's house. So we took his cake up there to share with everyone. (I didn't want to make him wait for his cake)

I am so glad that he liked his cake. I am curious what he will ask for next year though! Special K enjoyed playing inside Big T's tent. :-)

Of course the pool was a big hit with all the children. :-)

My SIL even started throwing water balloons. Little E thought that was great fun!

You can even tell that their chickens are free range in this photo. See that feather? One of the many things Special K tried to put in her mouth. Yuck!

Waiting for a ride on the four wheeler.

It's no wonder it takes me so long to clean the house. Little E came up with one of the shop vac attachments stuck on his arm. LOL

And then he thought it was funny and put the other one on too.

Upward Soccer practices started last week. Big T, Sweet E, and Little E are all playing this year. And all are on different teams. (Little E is in the light blue.)

Fair season has started and there will be many more soccer pictures. :-)

Thursday, August 12, 2010

How Things Change

Birthday Photo Shoot

I am not a great photographer. There. I said it. Like you all didn't know. I just wanted to preface this post by saying that. :-) So anyway.....When any of the children have a birthday I do my best to get a good photo of them. Which can be a very hard thing sometimes. So I wanted to share some of the pictures from Big T's photo shoot. I hope you enjoy! Had to tint one picture green since it's his favorite color.

Majority of the pictures are going to be left on the "cutting room floor" so to speak.

It's hard to keep him focused for more than 3 minutes.

Then it was time for him to climb down out of the tree. He wasn't so sure how to do that at first.

"Mom, quit taking pictures and help me!"

He did eventually find his way back down.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Ecostore Products

I have been given the opportunity to once again write a review. This time it was for the EcoStore. The first item I got to review was the dishwash liquid. I am always looking for a good soap to wash our dishes.
Here is what the website says about the dishwash liquid-- Gentle on your skin yet effective on your dishware the Ecostore USA Dish Liquid has
great grease cutting power and leaves a light, fresh fragrance. Free of any synthetic
chemicals, your family and the planet will appreciate it! (16 fluid ounces)


  • Palm and coconut based ionic, non-ionic and anionic surfactants
  • Mineral hydroxide
  • Natural citrus oil
I like this dishwash soap very much. Sometimes when I purchase other brands the scent is so incredibly strong. This has a nice light scent to it. Nothing to heavy. (I have to watch what I buy. My hubby doesn't like any soaps or anything with to strong of a scent.) The poor guy can't even walk past the laundry aisle in the store. Oh, I should add that this is what the store says about their household products: "Your family’s health is a priority to the team at ecostore USA. That is why we have produced a range of eco-friendlier kitchen cleaning products that are better for the earth, and better for your health too. We believe that by changing from the conventional cleaning products in your kitchen you are doing your family an important service, especially young children whose immune systems are still developing."

Here is some more good information about dish powders and other toxic cleaners. Back to the product. I tended to use about 2 tsp worth of the liquid. It took me awhile to find how much to use for my sink. I either had too much (bubbles everywhere) or not enough. It is the first dishwashing liquid I reach for. I would recommend this product to anyone. It cleans the dishes well and is gentle on my skin too!

I also got a chance to review some body wash! I chose the coconut and vanilla....yummy!

I am sure it is a combination of getting older and having children, but my body chemistry has changed. My skin has become much more sensitive to soaps and the like. The first thing I did when this came in the mail was to see how it smelled. I love it. The blend of coconut and vanilla is wonderful. And best of all, it doesn't irritate my skin! The webpage at the ecostore says-

"Enjoy top-to-toe luxury with our new coconut & vanilla body wash. The blend of certified organic essential oils adds a fresh summer fragrance to the naturally derived ingredients and moisturizers.

Unlike many leading brands, ecostore USA body care products do not contain Sodium Lauryl Sulphate, artificial dyes, perfumes or preservatives which means they are extremely kind to sensitive skin. "

I hope to order more of their products very soon. I love that they tell you all the ingredients in their products. You will find when you are shopping for dishwashing liquid, detergent, etc you won't always know everything that is in it. I don't know about you, but I want to know what I am using on my children and in my home. So go on over and check out the EcoStore and see what you think! :-) Oh....they also have FREE SHIPPING on any order over $25!

*This is a MamaBuzz Review. These products were provided by Ecostore for this review.*

Monday, August 09, 2010


Just because I have (once again) fallen behind I am just going to post a bunch of random photos that were on the camera. :-) First up is Shad. He can be such a pain some times, but we do love him. We got him when Big T was about 8 or 9 months old I think.

I miss living in the country, but I am so glad that we have a fire pit so we can roast yummy marshmallows. :-)

Yummy marshmallows!

Special K loves taking rides in the wagon.

Oh yeah. I did do a little something for myself last week. Remodeling my kitchen is definitely not a possibility at this times, so I have tried to decorate my kitchen any way I can without breaking the budget. I made these curtains back in April. I have been trying to incorporate more of the 40's color scheme in my kitchen. Red and White was a main theme along with Jadeite. Well, since my walls were already yellow I just added some blue and red accents. :-) It's working out pretty well. The most recent thing I did was take this clock apart...

Spray painted the frame red and modge podged the inside with the same fabric as the curtains. I even spray painted the paper towel holder red...just because. :-)

Well, I have many more pictures to post, but I need to finish the art lesson with Big T and Sweet E and get the children ready for the first soccer practice tonight! :-)

Sunday, August 08, 2010

What a Cutie!

Just had to show off more pictures of Special K...just because. :-)

Saturday, August 07, 2010

Happy Birthday Big T!

It's impossible. He can't be seven already....can he? It is amazing how fast he has grown up. He is our first born and our blessing. I'll admit it. I cry when I look at these pictures.

And look at you now!

We love you so much! You are a wonderful brother to Sweet E, Little E and Special K. We couldn't have hoped for anything more! I pray that you have a wonderful birthday and a blessed year. :-D